Accessibily and Assistive Tech

Globally technology has emerged as a game changer for several people living with disabilities. However, India with a 100 million or more of the population living with disability has limited opportunities with access to assistive technologies that are both high tech in functionality and of an affordable cost.

While availability of assistive devices has helped persons with disabilities to move beyond their physical disabilities and advance in education and livelihood; persons with disabilities continue to face challenges in accessing the full range of opportunities that are available to non-disabled people.

Technology is a great enabler but inaccessible standard software, applications and websites limit opportunities for Persons with Disabilities in education, employment, government, commerce, health care, recreation, social interaction and more.

It is interesting to note that a significant amount of research and work has been carried out by leading corporations to embrace accessibility (partially and fully) in their products and technology offerings to their consumers. Creating accessible solutions is now becoming a top priority for several companies. Some of them have developed their own standards for accessibility that are largely in sync with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 and Sec 508 requirements; example – SAP

This section captures existing products, devices and technological advancements in the area of Assistive Technology. It also lists vendors and distributors for assistive devices. Furthermore, this section captures consultants who provide accessibility services for companies. The section also showcases innovative solutions developed by social innovators from the NASSCOM Social Innovation Forum program.

  • • Accessibility doc (TSIIC) – Inclusion of Persons with disabilities and accessibility at workplace
  • • Web Accessibility Fundamentals & WCAG Guidelines
  • •A Compendium on Assistive Technology

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leader Speak

  • leader's-speak

    "SAP uses differently abled people for better business outcome and does not look at this as a CSR activity".

    Bhuvaneswar Naik, VP and Head – Human Resources of SAP Labs India Pvt. Ltd
  • mukeshsharma- leaders speak

    "We have been working with the Blind Relief Association to bring in visually challenged on board our rolls, and train them in software testing."

    Mukesh Sharma, Founder and CEO, QA Infotech