Other Schemes

Scheme for Refinance to Public Sector Banks, Regional Rural Banks, other Eligible Institutions under Credit Guarantee Scheme of Govt. of India

The loans provided by the NHFDC for promoting self-employment, skill development and entrepreneurship of PWDs are collateral free and the rates of interest are low. Incentives are given to SCAs for Good Recovery (0.5% of repayment made).
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Scheme of Providing Incentives to Employers in the Private Sector to Promote Employment of PWDs

In the form of incentives, the govt will pay the employer’s contribution to Employee Provident Fund and Employees State Insurance for the first three years provided the salary of the PWD does not exceed Rs. 25,000 [w.e.f. 1st April, 2008]. For more information, click here.


Indira Gandhi National Disability Pension Scheme

This includes PWDs who are below poverty line and suffer from severe or multiple disabilities (around 80%) between the ages of 18-64 years. Till the age of 80, it is Rs. 300 per month and after, Rs. 500. For more information, click here. [These guidelines were last updated October, 2014]



Swavlamban Health Insurance Scheme

Aim: This campaign aims to provide affordable health insurance to persons with Low vision, Blindness, Leprosy-cured, Hearing impairment, Loco-motor Disability, Mental Retardation and Mental Illness and improve general health conditions and quality of life of the Pwds. It does not include multiple disabilities. The insurance covers up to Rs.2,00,000 per annum.

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Scheme for Implementation of Persons with Disabilities Act, 1995 (SIPDA)

Aim: To provide financial assistance for undertaking various activities outlined in the PwD Act, such as setting up of District Disability Rehabilitation Centers (DDRCs), and Composite Rehabilitation Centers (CRCs), to provide barrier free environment for Pwds, web accessibility of Government websites, accessibility of libraries, Identification and Survey/issuance of Universal ID of PwDs and to assist State Government to organize camps for issuance of disability certificates, set up resource centres facilitating dissemination of information, awareness campaigns and sensitization programmes on disability issues, counselling and providing support services, etc.

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National Action Plan (NAP)

This scheme on skilling PwDs was launched on 21st March 2015 during the National Conference on Skill Development of persons with disabilities by the Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment at Vigyan Bhavan.

Aim: The DEPwD proposes to set an ambitious target of skilling 5 lakh persons with disability in next 3 years.

Estimated funds required for the first year (with a target of skilling 1 lakh PwDs), taking an assumption of Rs. 15,000 per trainee per skill training course, would be about Rs. 150 Crores.

For more information, click here: http://disabilityaffairs.gov.in/content/skilling.php

Indian Sign Language Research and Training Centre


  • To promote the use of Indian Sign Language (ISL) and conduct research in ISL towards bilingual education of Deaf Children.
  • To develop and offer courses in training teachers, parents, children and the general public.
  • To facilitate education through ISL in special schools as first language and in mainstream schools as second language.
  • Collaborate with universities & other educational institutions for sign language research, deaf studies and related areas.
  • To produce visual material in ISL story telling of both Indian and Global Literature.
  • To foster the development of the Deaf identity and culture.
  • To facilitate print and visual media in the promotion of the use of ISL.
  • To act as a clearing house of information on ISL, Deafness education of the Hearing Impaired and other related issues.
  • For more information, click here: http://socialjustice.nic.in/pdf/order-ISLRTC-20415.pdf


    Central Sector Scheme for Setting up of State Spinal Injury Centres


    For more information, click here: http://socialjustice.nic.in/pdf/s-SSIC2015-16.pdf

    Cochlear Implant Surgery under ADIP Scheme

    For more information, click here: http://socialjustice.nic.in/pdf/coahlear-adips2014-15.pdf

    Other schemes related to disabled under Accessible India Campaign:

  • DISHA(Early Intervention and School Readiness Scheme)
  • VIKAAS(Day Care);
  • SAMARTH(Respite Care);
  • GHARAUNDA(Group Home for Adults);
  • NIRAMAYA(Health Insurance Scheme);
  • SAHYOGI(Caregiver training scheme);
  • GYAN PRABHA(Educational support);
  • PRERNA(Marketing Assistance);
  • SAMBHAV(Aids and Assisted Devices) and
  • BADHTE KADAM (Awareness and Community Interaction)
  • leader Speak

    • leader's-speak

      "SAP uses differently abled people for better business outcome and does not look at this as a CSR activity".

      Bhuvaneswar Naik, VP and Head – Human Resources of SAP Labs India Pvt. Ltd
    • mukeshsharma- leaders speak

      "We have been working with the Blind Relief Association to bring in visually challenged on board our rolls, and train them in software testing."

      Mukesh Sharma, Founder and CEO, QA Infotech